Spring 2019 Offers

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*Not valid for all products

Delivery Modes

  1. Free street delivery: All Fitness products (excluding accessories) include this mode.
  2. Premium delivery and installation: ideal for heavy products and domestic gyms with more than one machine. In this modality our technicians will carry the machines in their own vehicle at a date and time previously agreed with you. The machines will be assembled, tested and all the packaging carried to be recycled. The cost of this service may vary depending on the number of machines and the house access. We recommend requesting a custom quote for orders with this service.

This service may increment terms up to 4-8 work days approximately.

Special Note: The price of in-house delivery and / or professional installation does not include carrying the product upstairs (due to volume and weight). If you want delivery and / or installation under these conditions you must contact us and request a quote.